01 About Company

EXTREME TRANS transport company operating in the market of transport services since 2006 and is constantly evolving to meet customer expectations . The company is located near Zywiec in Pewel Mała . Extreme Trans transport company consists exclusively of qualified and experienced team , which allows the highest standards entrusted to carry out the order. Confirmation of professionalism is owned by us Reliable Carrier Certificate . An additional advantage of providing secure use of our services is the insurance company for an amount of EUR 300 000. Continuous improvement of personnel qualifications by organizing courses and training , and improve logistics processes through full cooperation with our partners , allows to increase the quality and efficiency of our services. One of the most important assets of our company , that set us apart from the competition is the effectiveness and timeliness as well as the experience, which is constantly increasing due to continuously carried out the order.

02 Specialization

Extreme Trans carries out the transport of goods of all kinds from small-scale, such as matches to the bulky machines of various kinds. Owned by us cars have a load capacity of 1.5 to 24 tons. Another advantage is the possibility to order the pack packaging, preparation for shipment and storage.

03 Range

Our company is transport, both domestic and international. We transport in:

  • the entire Poland,
  • European Union,
  • Entire West (Europe),
  • Baltic Countries

04 Certificates

Reliable Carrier Certificate
You do not need to be persuaded that transport is needed. The fact that an honest and reliable carrier is at a premium - neither. The fact that we are a reliable carrier, have to provide the contractor with sufficient evidence. CRC, or Certificate of Reliable Transport Carrier is a project which has a huge range of industry, proof that it is worth to work with us.


Certificate National Debt Register
Certificate of Reliability is a document certifying that the holder has diligently regulate its obligations and provides him the recommendation given by the largest Polish institution to verify the accuracy of entrepreneurs and consumers. Allows you to confirm by an independent institution standing and well-established position in the market, your payment credibility.


05 Our Fleet

Thanks to the high quality requirements of the Mercedes-Benz tests, we are confident that our trucks meet international economy and reliability standards.
Our fleet consists cars and trucks only from Mercedes-Benz brand such as:

  • Mercedes-benz Sprinter 5,5t DMC,
    loading dimensions: 5m x 2,4 m x 2m (L x W x H),
  • Mercedes-benz Actros,
    loading length: 13,6 m

A few words about our fleet…

When it comes to issues that should interest you in no less than reliable , Mercedes- Benz Actros is the most environmentally friendly commercial vehicle in 2013. With low fuel consumption , this complies with the standard Euro VI truck during the year has revolutionized the market . This was confirmed last year, numerous independent tests . Mercedes- Benz Actros is the truck that all existing solutions removes the shadows. Because his new driver's cab offer the highest level of comfort. Because thanks to the many fuel-efficient technical innovation and perfectly matched to each service operation of the vehicle is more beneficial than ever before. As goes with it so easily , safely and securely as any other truck before. And thanks to the diversity of the offer of pieces of equipment and structural design will be perfectly configured vehicle for virtually every application in long-distance transport .

Mercedes-Benz Actros is the most environmentally friendly commercial vehicle in 2013.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, is a big delivery van, counted for trucks with a total weight up to 5 tons. First of all, the Mercedes brand has long been associated not only with elegant passenger models , but also with reputable vehicles with a delivery offer. Anyone who chooses Merca utility expects to do it flawlessly hundreds of thousands of kilometers. This may sound strange, but Sprinter , taking into account its size, is very well adapted to urban utility. You can see that the manufacturer is aware that each transport must ever pass through the city. Mercedes Benz Sprinter is not without reason is considered to be one of the best vans . For ten years he was the production of nearly 1.3 million customers , and its benefits see both the driver and the owners. The new version of this popular car offers even more comfort and safety , and above all transport options .

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is very well adapted to the municipal utility

Our fleet in action you can see by clicking the gallery.

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